Celia Litovsky

About Me

Hello! I am a neuroscientist and non-profit leader with many passions. With a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University, I love thinking about how to improve treatment of patients with brain damage and disease. As a criminal justice reform advocate, I spend many hours each week working with currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, teaching math, helping with job and college applications, and supporting successful transitions from prison to the "outside" world. As a professor, I am an enthusiastic, thoughtful teacher, elevating all students' ideas and finding joy in their unique intellectual passions. As a former primate zookeeper, I am constantly in awe of our primate cousins and advocate for strict conservation policies to protect them. I'm a proud cat and dog mom, lover of kayaking, and avid knitter, and I will happily gush over pictures of your pet photos - please send them to me :)

Some of the wonderful non-profit organizations I have worked with, and recommend that you check out, include:

Current Neuroscience Research Questions

How does executive functioning relate to language and its recovery in aphasia?

How does the brain change in response to speech therapy?

How can we customize the best treatment for each patient with aphasia? 

How do lexical-semantic control deficits manifest in post-stroke aphasia and primary progressive aphasia?